Buy Cheap Phones is a customer-centric service selling brand new mobiles from all the leading brands. We have direct associations with all the phone manufacturing companies. We provide manufacturer warranty for all the items purchased from our service. The warranty starts when the product reaches the hands of the purchaser. A product may consist of various parts, and each part may have a different period of warranty.

Period of warranty will be different for each product. Generally, mobile phones come with the manufacturer warranty of one year. Mobile phone accessories and other consumables come with a six -month warranty. Refurbished items and accessories include batteries, chargers, stands, headsets, cables etc. Items such as memory card or CD-ROM come with ninety days of warranty. They are used to provide software of any applications associated with the items purchased.

Warranty cannot be extended or renewed. It cannot be either transferred to a new item or product brought for repair. All repaired items will get the warranty of the remaining part of the original warranty period. Repaired items get a fixed sixty days warranty.

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